About us

Discover what sets Lantana Services apart from construction and home improvement companies near you.

Who is Lantana Services?

LANTANA SERVICES (PTY) LTD stands as a versatile construction and home improvement enterprise, distinguished by its demonstrated expertise across a diverse spectrum of services.

Collaborating with seasoned professionals boasting years of experience, the company was founded in 2020 by Jeanne van der Lingen with the core mission of providing these experts opportunities to pursue their passions and collectively enrich their wealth of knowledge.

What is Lantana Services mission?

We aim to be the preferred partner in the industry, offering exceptional services across various construction sectors. Our objective is to consistently achieve successful project completions that meet our clients’ expectations, delivering quality results, staying within budget, and adhering to project timelines.

What is Lantana Services strategy?

The success of Lantana services hinges on our demonstrated ability to delight customers by discerning optimal solutions within their budget constraints, delivering unparalleled service excellence.